Personal motivation

I was abroad when in the spring of 2016 construction works started in Bedechka Park in Stara Zagora, just in front of my family’s apartment. I found out about the constructions from various news feeds on the Internet. Shortly after,  my mother began to send me pictures of the growing construction site from our kitchen window.


"Nothing New!" - you will say. But this was not just the next built-in space in the city. It was a park with the size of 400 ha, with a living river ecosystem in which I had spent my childhood. And that park was now meant to become a new housing neighbourhood in Stara Zagora.

Much of the online information on the case has troubled me. Most of all, I did not understand how it is possible to present everything as a "legitimate process of post-socialist restitution".  Because I had written my diploma thesis using the methods of qualitative social research (conducting in-depth interviews, content analysis, elaboration of a theory based on a set of sources and ethnographic observations), I decided that I could contribute to the acquisition of objective information on the case. On the other hand, I had a personal interest in the field of documentary (and I already had some experience in shooting and editing). Therefore, I decided that a film would be the most appropriate way of presenting multilayered content –with a much better impact than some scientific work or an essay.

My wish was to trace and analyze the development of the conflict in my hometown Stara Zagora. But I learned on the way that turning Bedeckka into a construction site is not an isolated case. It's actually a symptom; reflection of a systemic problem that we can see today across the country. Further, I found analogies elsewhere in Europe and around the world. In my travels, delving into the problem, I have been searching for a solution as well. I have collected the experience of people from different places and spheres of life who have been working for years on such causes. The result of this interaction is "Case Bedechka" in which we worked with a colorful and diverse group of people.

Thank you all for being part of the film!

Dimana Shishkova

Producer & Director