We are a team of young and vigilant people from and friends of Stara Zagora. The path of each of us is connected with the city of the linden trees. Although life has taken us to various parts of the globe, many of us have gathered and continue to gather experience abroad. This is what we do to contribute to the blossoming of our native city.

Our team consists of a small,  but gradually growing group of "practical idealists". We also receive support from our international friends because the ideas are clear and go beyond our national boundaries.

This is a personal project, with no budget but the enthusiasm of those involved in it.



Dimana Shishkova - she directs the film and the creative process. The one-women-orchestra who moves the wheels of production.

Denitsa Shishkova - a zealous protector of the park, the Bulgarian nature and the good causes. She is a co-creator of the film, as well as manager of the social network around it.

Ting Ting Cui and Zornitsa Dimitrov are helping us with the redaction of the English text and the press release.

Many thanks to Stefka Benisheva, Iva Grueva, Florian Nisbach, Tamas Kuti and Pavel Boev.


The full list of the team will be posted soon! Stay tuned!