1. Pre-Park: Up to the 60s

The land belonged to citizens, who were having urban gardens there – producing vegetables, fruits and flowers.


2. Park Establishment: In the 60s

The land was nationalized during the Socialist regime for the construction of a park (Bedechka). Some citizens received recompensation (in land or money) (*although some state not to have).


3. Change of ideologies: 1989 and the beginning of the 90s

End of the Socialist regime and transition to the private market: some owners claimed back their sites, that at that point are already part of the park. Hence they receive declines from the court.

According to the law in a place with a realized public project (park, school, street, etc.) lands cannot be given back.


4. The Restitution: Mid of the 90s

Claiming a park has not been realized, owners pursued the administration to get back their lands even though (process called “restitution”).

However, the Urban Plans indicates the territory as “non-urbanizable” (not allowed to construct on it) and the owners sold their parcels cheaply to investors.


5. Dubious acts: The New Millenia

The new owners=big investors pressured the city governments to change the urban plans so that the green park areas are turned into urbanizable area.

In the course of almost a decade this slow and difficult to trace by the citizens process has been fulfilled.


6. The practical destruction of the park: March 2016 

Start of construction in parks (that no longer are parks according to the urban plans). Citizens understand about the deal, no earlier than the beginning of construction of supermarket and housing complexes.